Powering the Future: Electrifying Mobility for a Sustainable Tomorrow

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In a world where the demand for sustainable transportation is greater than ever, the rise of e-mobility promises a future that harmonizes convenience, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

As we embrace this revolutionary shift, we embark on a journey where our choices today pave the way for a tomorrow where mobility and sustainability coexist, ensuring a vibrant planet for generations to come.

Offering End to End solutions for e-Mobility

NeST Digital offer solutions covering the complete e-Mobility infrastructure from Off Board Chargers (AC/DC), Charger Management System (CMS), Mobile Apps Platform for Chargers to In-vehicle units like Charger Communication Units (CCU), On Board Chargers (OBC), Power Distribution Units (PDU), DC-DC Converter, etc.

How can we expedite your Product Journey?

NeST Digital has built Reference platforms, Readymade solutions & Frameworks that can be customized to accelerate your product development life cycle

Areas we can collaborate

NeST Digital is on the road to clearing the EV barriers by offering End to End EV Solutions for international markets. Portfolios handled by NeST Digital.

artificial-intelligence 1

Power Electronics platforms

charging-station 1

EV Chargers

electric-power 1

eMobility HILS


EV Data Analytics

circuit 2

PDU and Motor Controls

ux 1

EV User Interface

By integrating technology, innovative systems-design approaches, and business models, we deliver affordable and enhanced mobility to consumers and societies.

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