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Healthcare software development is vital for modern healthcare systems. With advancing technology, providers rely on software solutions to streamline operations, improve patient care, and boost outcomes. NeST Digital offers a range of healthcare software solutions, from patient monitoring to virtual reality simulations for medical training.

These solutions enhance communication, provide real-time patient information, and increase engagement. Embrace the power of technology in healthcare with NeST Digital!


Platforms & Solutions

Clinical Patient Monitoring Platform

As part of our IOT platform solutions, we have developed a Clinical Patient Monitoring system, which sends patients’ vital information from various patient monitoring devices to the Cloud using an IOT Edge interface.

Platform provides Healthcare Professionals with an intuitive interface for monitoring patient vitals (Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen, etc.) and enables them to make informed decisions or quickly respond to an emergency.

Clinical Power Tool Management Solution

Our solution involved building a web and mobile-based Clinical Power Tool Management System for an IOT-enabled Surgical Power Tool.

The platform provided a dashboard to monitor and analyze the performance indicators of the Clinical Power Tool and coordinate the Tool’s service and maintenance workflow.

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