Anesthesia Safety ECU Unit

Anesthesia Safety ECU Unit


Business Overview

Germany-based Fortune 500 company with a large presence in Healthcare, specializing in medical device manufacturing and market leader in diagnostic imaging. They wanted to address all their challenges in order to get a device that significantly enhances patient safety, instills confidence in healthcare professionals, and improves overall healthcare outcomes in critical care settings. A Safety ECU was much in need which had to be capable of detecting and responding to potential issues promptly, implementing appropriate safety measures to mitigate risks to the patient’s well-being.


The challenge for the customer lies in designing and developing an anaesthesia device that incorporates an internal embedded unit known as the Safety ECU. The primary objective of this device is to ensure the utmost safety of patients in the event of a failure in ventilation control parameters. 


The Safety Unit is considered an integral part of the anaesthesia machine and at the same time it is an independent module employed to monitor the safety of ventilation control parameters (pressure and flow), electrical parameters like power rails, sensor board voltage levels and pneumatic parameters like valve functional status, blower thermal level etc. It also monitors battery charging states and safety alarm generation to keep the device always in safe state.

Value Delivered

Our solution is able to monitor:

  • Safety of ventilation control parameters pressure and flow
  • Electrical parameters power rails and sensor board voltage levels
  • Pneumatic parameters valve functional status and blower thermal level
  • Battery charging states along with safety alarm generation
  • Monitoring and safety alarm generation keeps the device always in safe state.



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