NeST Digital Blogathon 2024 Guidelines

We are thrilled to announce Blogathon 2024 – the NeST Digital Blog Writing Contest, an exciting opportunity for our talented employees to showcase their insights and creativity on cutting-edge technology topics. This contest aims to encourage knowledge sharing and spark discussions on key themes that are shaping the future of our digital landscape.


  • This contest is open for all NeSTians.
  • Originality: Entries must be your own original work and free from plagiarism.
  • Topic: Choose one theme from the ‘Contest Themes’ and craft a compelling blog post that engages the reader with insightful content, clear arguments, and a vibrant writing style.
  • Timelines: 9th February, 2024 is the last date to submit the blogs.
  • Submit your blog: You can submit the blog in Word format or as a link to your published Medium blog post here
  • NeST Digital reserves the right to publish the blogs on our social media handles, website, newsletter etc.
  • NeST Digital reserves free and unrestricted right to reuse and publish the content or part of the content obtained through this contest for any marketing purposes.
  • The blogs would be evaluated by a Committee & the decision of the committee would be final & binding on every one.

Contest Themes:

  1. 2023, the Year of AI Awakening: Breakthroughs and impact of artificial intelligence in 2023 and envision a future shaped by AI innovation.
  2. Cybersecurity Insights – Building a Secure Digital Future: Latest developments in the world of cybersecurity, perspectives on emerging threats, innovative solutions, and the future trends
  3. Cloud Computing Insights: Advancements in cloud computing, and how businesses and individuals can harness the power of the cloud for seamless innovation.
  4. Metaverse – How Immersive-Reality technologies like AR, VR, MR, XR etc.  are transforming experiences across domains
  5. Quantum Technologies: How Quantum-based technologies could provide an exponential increase in computational performance, reshape information processing and transform various industries.
  6. Beyond Code – Low-code No-code : How LCNC platforms will redefine the software development landscape, bridging the gap between technical expertise and business needs, empowering anyone to build solutions and shape the future.


  1. Between 700-1500 words, can contain diagrams, infographics, charts, images, etc
  2. The content should be well spaced out with proper headings, sub headings and images wherever possible.
  3. Incorporate visual elements, such as illustrative images or infographics that complement your content and enhance its visual appeal.
  4. Keep it simple, engaging and easy to read for the reader
  5. References have to be mentioned at the end of the blog


  1. No plagiarism with respect to content and images.
  2. Any diagrams, infographics, charts, images, copied from any other articles still constitutes plagiarism. Unless you’ve received express permission or have legitimately purchased usage rights, you can’t include the copyrighted images,infographics,charts etc in your blogs.
  3. Avoid content that could be offensive or insensitive to individuals or groups based on their religion, caste, creed, etc.


The top 3 entries will receive Amazon vouchers as a token of appreciation for their outstanding contributions. Additionally, winners will be recognized and celebrated across NeST Digital platforms for their exceptional insights and writing prowess.


Entries will be judged by a panel of esteemed NeST Digital experts based on clarity, originality, writing style, adherence to the theme, and overall impact.


  • Don’t be afraid to be creative and express your unique perspective!
  • Share your passion for technology and inspire others with your knowledge.
  • Make your voice heard and join the conversation about the future of tech!

We look forward to your entries!

Team Nest Digital

Additional Tips:

  • Please send an email to

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