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25TH AUG 2022

NeST Digital hosted a Microservices Hackathon at RECCAA Club in Kochi, Kerala, on 25th August,2022. This was a 1-day face-to-face event, where NeSTians came together to brainstorm and build innovative solutions to solve complex challenges around microservices. The event was organised by the Web Software Competency Champions, NeST Digital Academy and HR Teams. The highlight of the event was the informative Tech Talk session, led by the following eminent speakers:-

Krishna Raj

Technical Sales Consultant at Oracle for the last 19 years

He has been in IT for 28+ years and spoke about Oracle Offerings, Web Logic on Kubernetes and Oracle Functions.

Shraddha Patel

Solutions Architect at AWS India working with an Enterprise customer.

She spoke about Hosting Modern Web Apps & Microservices on AWS Cloud.

Bipul Kumar

Principal Engineer at Intuit’s data exchange platform.

He discussed about the various Micro Frontends for Microservices.

During the second half of the day, the participants took part in the microservices labs, collaborating, brainstorming & diving into finding out the best solution for the problem statement that was given to them.

More than 90 participants attended and a few selected representations from the Academic Community also joined the event. Overall, there was an overwhelming response, paving the way for futuristic young minds to engage, collaborate, innovate, empower & deliver!

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