In Celebration of International Women's Day 2024: Shaping the Future - Women, Inclusivity, and Leadership




Beena Vas, Rakhee Vijay Nair, Sreeshma A M, Dileep Choyappally

The path to leadership for women is paved with challenges, and inclusivity is a key factor. In this episode, our esteemed panelists dive deep into the question – Do women wait for inclusivity to be offered, or should they actively cultivate it?

We explore the current landscape and discuss strategies for:

  • Fostering a more inclusive work environment
  • Empowering women to lead and influence the future of work


  • Breaking Barriers: Explore the challenges faced by women in tech and strategies for breaking down barriers to entry and advancement.

  • Mentorship and Support: Learn about the importance of mentorship and support networks in fostering the growth and success of women in technology.

  • Building Inclusive Cultures: Discover practical approaches for creating inclusive workplace cultures that value diversity and empower women to excel.

  • Leadership Opportunities: Discuss the importance of leadership opportunities for women in tech and strategies for increasing representation at all levels.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and inspiration from our esteemed panelists. Whether you’re a woman in tech seeking guidance or an ally looking to support gender diversity in the industry, this episode promises to enlighten and empower.

Tune in to future episodes of The NeST Digital Podcast for continued insights and inspiration.


  1. Beena Vas: Assistant Commissioner, Vigilance, Cochin Customs, Government of India. Distinguished Toastmaster and co-founder of Amaara Foundation.
  2. Raakhee Vijay Nair: Founder of Vajra Learning Solutions. Leadership Coach with 28 years of experience in MNCs, passionate about empowering women.
  3. Sreeshma A M: Lead Software Engineer at Nest Digital (Healthcare domain). Advocate for inclusivity and women’s empowerment.


  • Dileep Choyappally: Vice President & Head of Human Resources at NeST Digital.  Dileep Choyappally is an HR Leader, Business Enabler, Toastmaster, and Public Speaker with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.




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