Data Lakehouse- 5 Whys

Data Lakehouse: 5 Whys

25TH NOV 2022


Data Lakehouse: 5 Whys

Date & Time



45 minutes

A data lakehouse is a centralized data repository that allows organizations to store all their data—structured, unstructured, and streaming—in one place. The data lakehouse is the next evolution of the data lake, which is itself an evolution of the data warehouse.

In this webinar, our Data Science Experts will be discussing why data lakehouses are becoming increasingly popular for data analytics, and why they offer many advantages over traditional data warehouses.

Meet the Speakers


Manu Mukundan

Data Architect

Manu has been working extensively on data engineering and analytics projects from 2012 and has helped multiple organizations to derive actionable insights from large volumes of data generated from wide variety of sources in different domains such as consumer electronics, aviation, online advertising, IoT, banking and cyber security. In his current role as a Data Architect at NeST Digital, Manu helps internal as well as external customers to architect, design and implement robust data analytics platforms with cutting edge technologies.


Abhijith U Nair

Data Engineering Specialist

Abhijith, a Data Engineer at NeST Digital, is responsible for adding and expanding the scope of Data Engineering capabilities using cloud technologies such as Databricks and AWS. In addition to Python and Java, he has also worked with Big-Data technologies like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Hive. His areas of interest include Machine Learning and Data Engineering.


Sreelakshmi S Nair

Data Engineering Specialist

Sreelakshmi is a Data Engineer with NeST Digital, responsible for building data engineering capabilities for the company. She has experience with Big-Data technologies such as Apache Spark and Hadoop, along with Cloud Technologies such as Databricks, AWS as well as Python. Data Science and Machine Learning are her areas of interest.

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