Gas Utility Network Update

Gas Utility Network Update


Business Overview

The customer was a prominent electric and gas utility company operating in Houston TX, Mississippi, Minnesota, and Louisiana. NeST employed its offshore engagement model to offer GIS mapping services to them. These services encompassed the mapping of land base and gas utility work orders, leveraging our established expertise in the field.


Utility companies need accurate and up-to-date land base maps to plan and execute the gas utility work orders effectively. However, obtaining comprehensive and current land base maps was a challenge for the customer. Inaccurate or outdated maps can lead to delays, errors, and inefficiencies in locating gas lines and planning maintenance or expansion projects.


  • The work orders consisted of service connections or gas mains and users had to enter the work order number for searching and querying the relevant work order that needs to be updated.
  • Using ArcFM editing tools the mains and the associated fittings are captured referring to the land base and station points descriptions provided in the work order. The attributes are updated from the work order and annotations are generated and placed as per the guidelines. The service connections are captured to the correct lot address based on the station points and offset distances provided in the work order. Meter points are placed inside the parcel at the termination point of the service lines.
  • Comprehensive QA / QC was undertaken on the updated attribute and gas network element updated for each work order.

Value Delivered

The project was successfully completed by meeting all the predefined quality requirements and as part of the project, NeST customized and configured the auto updaters in ArcFM. Auto updaters automatically generate an attribute value at the onset of a specific event such as adding or deleting a feature. Specific behaviors were set at certain events such as when a feature is added, updated, or deled. Similarly, multiple auto-updater objects could be also attached to a single event.



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