Intelligent Service Platform

Intelligent Service Platform


Business Overview

The customer is a USA based Fortune 500 company with a large presence in Healthcare. They are manufacturers and distributors of diagnostic medical diagnostic equipment, develops Health technology for medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems etc.

The customer wanted our team of experts to focus on designing a platform that can seamlessly acquire and analyze low latency data from digital devices, enabling the detection of potential downtime issues in advance. This entailed developing predictive models and algorithms that can accurately forecast and alert system failures or anomalies, allowing for proactive remedial actions.


The main challenge for the customer was proactively predicting and efficiently resolving downtime issues. By addressing these challenges, their aim was to significantly improve the overall performance and reliability of digital devices, ultimately ensuring a seamless user experience.

The objective of the Intelligent Service Platform is to maximize digital device SLA by preventing, predicting and resolving downtime issues through low latency data and analytics.


Our solution enables the seamless collection of machine data from medical devices, which is then promptly transferred to the back office. Through near real-time post-data enrichment and validation, we ensure that the collected information is accurate, reliable, and enriched with relevant insights.

The features of the platform include structured data with schemas, data veracity, real-time alerts, data catalogs, topic/schema registries, touchless data ingestion to data lake house, stream analytics, real-time insights and accurate AI models.

Value Delivered

Ability to quickly detect & identify the root cause of system issues to minimize downtime.

We have developed a robust IoT capability that serves as a core foundation, benefiting various use cases and expediting the development and utilization of advanced analytics. By eliminating the necessity for on-demand sweeps and labor-intensive manual data gathering, our solution significantly streamlines operations and enhances efficiency across the board.



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