Encrypted Secure Boot for DDS Rotary Knob Module

Encrypted Secure Boot for DDS Rotary Knob Module


Business Overview

With the ever-increasing complexity of vehicles, cybersecurity is a primary concern in vehicle design. The Client needed to implement a secure boot feature for a DDS Rotary Knob module for their passenger car. The secure boot feature ensures that the code executed on the product is trusted and authentic.


One of the key challenges, in the rising threat of cyber-attack is to ensure secure automotive embedded systems.


The scope of the undertaking is the implementation of a secure boot feature in the DDS Rotary Knob Module.

The hardware for this project is based on i.MX-RT 1176 platform and for this family of processors; secure boot is implemented with the help of AHAB.

The solution was implemented in two phases which involved Manual Code Signing using NXP  SPT Tools and Code Signing using Scripts and CLI Tools. 


  • HAB Secure Boot: Asymmetric Algorithm to perform Authentication Process

  • Encrypted Boot 

  • Authenticated image creation using Scripts 
  • Key fusing using scripts 
  • Manual Code Signing using NXP SPT Tools 
  • Code signing using scripts and command line tools 
  • Custom Bootloader and Application Firmware bin file creation 
  • Generation of Keys, signing of images, and encryption of images used in secure boot 
  • Generation of signed encrypted bootable image

Value Delivered

  • Secure Boot ensures that unauthorized, tampered, or modified images are not loaded during the Boot sequence
  • On detection of a modified software component, secure boot is able to perform active countermeasures 
  • Ensures protection of Intellectual Property (IP).



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