Platform Support for Next-Gen Body Control ECMs

Platform Support for Next-Gen Body Control ECMs


Business Overview

The client is a global manufacturer of automotive components, a Tier 1 supplier to major OEMs around the world. They were entrusted with developing numerous modules within the major ECU’s of an OEM’s set of new generation vehicles. The main ECUs involved were the Body control module (BCM) and Enhanced lighting module (ELM) of the vehicle. 

BCM is the master module which handles the major cabin controls of the vehicle whereas ELM controls mainly the lighting of the vehicle. A BCM in automotive can perform a wide range of functions such as Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS), Remote Keyless Entry (RKE), Climate Control System, Power Windows etc 

We got on board the project due to our extensive experience in Vehicle Electronics. Our team of experts extended their support in designing, developing, and testing the Complex Device Drivers for their Body control ECMs. 

We worked on the device driver layer and the Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) of these ECUs. The Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) acts as an interfacing layer between the hardware and the rest of the ECU software.  ADC, CAN, DIO, FLS, GCL, ICU, LIN, MCU, PORT, PWM, SPI, WDG are some of the modules that we develop.   

In Turn, the application layer, which is responsible to use the released work products, was developed by the OEM. 


Lack of simulation setup

Software Architecture 


The Application Layer was developed by the OEM directly. Application has many modules that enable power window opening, remote keyless entry etc.  

  • Developed and Designed Test cases of the Test Modules and other modules in Complex Drivers 
  • MCAL Porting: During the transition to Gen 1 to Gen 2 we enabled the Configuration of modules within the MCAL driver 
  • Unit Testing , module testing and comprehensive Checks of the whole workspace 
  • Reduced manual effort of testing by automating the test cases using Cantest automation 
  • Automated the modules developed by client 

Value Delivered

  • We completed the project within the strict timeframe 
  • Performed overall testing of the workspace                                   



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