Seamless Cloud Migration for a Global Player in the Sensor Industry

Seamless Cloud Migration for a Global Player in the Sensor Industry


Business Overview

Our client is a prominent player in the European market, renowned for its expertise in state-of-the-art sensors and sensor-related technology. While undergoing an acquisition by a new group, they sought NeST Digital’s expertise to ensure a successful transition of their cloud assets to a new platform. Our team of multifaceted experts carefully assessed the infrastructure and devised a comprehensive migration plan tailored to their unique needs within the stipulated time.


This migration presented several challenges for the client. The primary objective was to achieve a successful cloud asset migration that would align with their business requirements. Our proposed solution should be scalable, to be able to easily add new “processing stream” for the future offers/IoT devices that would be launched in the future. The primary challenge was in migrating the Message Processing Platform. It involved rigorous R&D efforts to study the existing architecture and redevelop the components and functionalities using Azure native services in a Server-less Cloud environment.


Understanding the intricacies and complexities of their cloud environment, we devised a comprehensive migration plan. We proposed an agile model and followed a step-by-step approach to minimize risks and ensure the timely completion of the migration. It was driven by a team of expert engineers from various domains, along with the dedicated Technical Excellence team. During the Discovery Phase, our experts conducted an in-depth assessment of the client’s current cloud infrastructure, considering all critical components, applications, and interdependencies.

Key components of the project:

  • The Core IoT System
  • Message Processing Platform
  • Payment Processing Platform
  • Authentication Platform

key aspects of the project:

  • Seamless and secure transition to a whole-new cloud platform
  • A revamped Messaging Platform enabling real-time alerts
  • Azure-based Business reporting for improved data insights
  • An upgraded Payment System supporting various payment options, enhancing customer convenience
  • An advanced, user-friendly Mobile App for both iOS and Android, enabling remote system monitoring
  • Robust security measures and strict compliance protocols to safeguard the client’s sensitive data

Value Delivered

To accelerate the migration, NeST Digital swiftly initiated the project by hosting the development on our own cloud platform. This strategic decision allowed the client to commence the migration process promptly, even before their legal entity was fully prepared. Our solution empowered the client with seamless control over their cloud system. Our diligent support throughout the project helped them overcome unprecedented roadblocks during the migration process with ease and efficiency. Through the new cloud infrastructure, the client would be unlocking new possibilities for growth and innovation.



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